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Nike Launches Twitter RSVP System via XXLMAG.COM

Nike officially launched its newly-introduced and innovative Twitter RSVP system this past weekend with the re-release of the Air Jordan Retro XII Playoffs.

Nike has implemented the Twitter RSVP system in attempt to end the chaos that accompanies “campouts,” or the crowds of people that stake out outside of sneaker stores to cop the latest kicks. Camping out has always been an integral part of the sneaker culture, but as of late, the tradition has been associated to crimes, violence and riots that have received mainstream media coverage. The Twitter RSVP system has been launched to alleviate all of the above.

The relatively simple Twitter RSVP system is used to help manage product launches at Nike stores. Rather than waiting on line and risking either being robbed or getting caught in the middle of rioting or the retail store running out of pairs, sneaker enthusiasts will now be able to reserve kicks via Twitter. The Twitter RSVP system is only applicable at Nike stores, where campouts, preorders and midnight releases have been banned. Campouts and lineups will still be held at sneaker shops such as Footlocker, Finishline, etc. For full information on Nike Twitter RSVP, read below:

Twitter RSVP is used to help manage product launches at Nike Stores. Follow your local Nike Store on Twitter for launch announcements and frequent updates.

The Twitter RSVP Process:

  • On the RSVP date, our store will send a tweet at a random time to begin our Twitter RSVP process, including a product specific hashtag (#tag).
  • Once registration is open, you must Direct Message (“DM”) the store within 60 minutes. The DM must include:
  1. The product-specific #tag tweeted by the store
  2. The last 4 digits of your State/Passport/Military/School ID number
  3. Your shoe size (limit one).
  • Confirmations from the store will be sent via DM to those who have successfully secured their requested size.  Shoes will be awarded on a “first respond, first serve” basis.
  • Confirmed recipients must pick up their product (in person w/ identification) from the store on the day of launch. Unclaimed product will be announced on Twitter and will be re-released at the store’s discretion.

How do you properly RSVP through DM? Here’s an example:

  • Store Tweet:
    Twitter #RSVP is now open for the Air Foamposite One.#Electrolime
  • Consumer Response (DM):
    #Electrolime, 4253, 10.5

Twitter RSVP Terms and Conditions:

  • One item allowed per person, even if you receive two confirmations of successful registrations. Abuse of this rule may result in denial of purchase or entry to future launches.
  • Confirmed recipients must provide a valid ID that matches the last 4 digits used for RSVP.
  • Size cannot be changed once it has been confirmed to a person through Twitter RSVP.
  • Resell or trade of Twitter RSVP confirmation is prohibited.
  • Twitter RSVP confirmation is not transferable and not redeemable for cash or for credit towards any purchase.
  • Lines will not be allowed to form outside the store for this release.
  • Launch process is always subject to change at any time at the discretion of Nike, Inc.

Store NameCityStateTwitter HandleNIKETOWN BostonBostonMassachusetts@NikeBostonNIKETOWN ChicagoChicagoIllinois@NikeChicagoNike DallasDallasTexas@NikeDallasNike Las VegasLas VegasNevada@NikeLasVegasNIKETOWN Los AngelesBeverly HillsCalifornia@NikeLANike Mall of AmericaBloomingtonMinnesota@NikeMallAmericaNIKETOWN New YorkNew YorkNew York@NikeNYCNike PortlandPortlandOregon@NikePortlandNike Roosevelt FieldGarden CityNew York@NikeRooseveltFDNIKETOWN San FranciscoSan FranciscoCalifornia@NikeSFNike Santa MonicaSanta MonicaCalifornia@NikeSantaMonicaNike ScottsdaleScottsdaleArizona@NikeScottsdaleNIKETOWN SeattleSeattleWashington@NikeSeattleNike Running Bay StreetEmeryvilleCalifornia@NikeBayStreetNike Running EugeneEugeneOregon@NikeEugeneNike Running Fashion IslandNewport BeachCalifornia@NikeFashionIslNike Running Fashion ValleySan DiegoCalifornia@NikeFashionValNike Running The GroveLos AngelesCalifornia@NikeTheGroveNike Running Lenox SquareAtlantaGeorgia@NikeLenoxSquareNike Running South Coast PlazaCosta MesaCalifornia@NikeSCPlazaNike Running StanfordPalo AltoCalifornia@NikeStanfordNike Running WestchesterWhite PlainsNew York@NikeWestchesterNike Running WestfarmsFarmingtonConnecticut@NikeWestfarmsNike Running WestportWesportConnecticut@NikeWestport

Solecollector.com, a staple in the sneaker community, has been running forums to compile comments and complaints about Nike’s Twitter RSVP system firsthand from footwear fanatics.

“Worked great for me in NYC no complaints because that you need to be online by 9 or they give your kicks away,” posted user “ANTC”. ”From what I heard from the guys on 5th ave they had to come up with an idea to stop campers next to Tiffany’s cause they were getting the police involved.”

Fellow New Yorker “McRyan” was also able to pick up his Playoffs, writing, “The system is pretty good tbh(to be honest)…I copped the Playoff 12s at Niketown NY without a problem. There was still a line, but it was very organized. I arrived at the spot at like 7:30, had to wait on the line for like 30mins, but it was worth it.”

“9ner4lyphe,” a member from California, shared his input “as well. “Sent my DM within 3 min of receiving the RSVP tweet from my local NT (Niketown) and didn’t get a confirmation,” he said. System is okay I guess…just have to be quicker with the reply.”

Many of the concerns voiced included not having Nike store locations near them or not having Twitter accounts.

The Air Jordan XII’s were originally released in 1997 and were the first Air Jordan sneakers in the Jordan Brand Line. The XII’s were the first Jordans to not have the Nike “Swoosh” logo anywhere on the shoe, including the insole. The original release of the Air Jordan XII’s in 1997 was also the last Air Jordans to come in a Nike shoebox.

The black varsity red and white colorway Air Jordan XII Playoffs were originally retro’ed in 2004. The 2012 Air Jordan Retro XII Playoffs were listed at $160 retail price, and due to supply and demand, are now being sold for over double the original amount, on average. — Christian Bonoan(@chrisakachise)

[http://www.xxlmag.com/lifestyle/2012/04/nike-launches-twitter-rsvp-system-users-respond/ ]
     & also my microsoft word on my macbook, lol. 

NotetoSelf #5

Appreciate the little things in life. Sometimes it means a lot more than the bigger things.

POEM: “Love Letter to You”


Dear You already know you are:

I always hold on, letting go is too hard 
There’s all these other girls, none compare to my princess 
            I Know she’s more right for me, just like an indent 
My friends are always telling me I should end this 
I disregard their spellcheck my feelings are a run on sentence…..
I wanna upgrade my ticket, I’m stuck aboard the friend-ship 
My penmanship sucks, but I’m still writing this letter 
Everyone says they can’t read my 5th grade chicken scratch 
But only you attempt to decipher my illegibilty 
Which metaphorically compares to me individually 
Seeing how no one understands me, or takes the time to 
Or Tries to, Besides you, my thoughts replicate this sloppy script 
No need to read in between the lines, as I state the obvious 
My mind-state is you, you must be a city 
And mind my vulgarity, but your so fucking pretty 
Shit, I just wanna make you mine 
Always watched you, I just wish I could take my time 
I’m a G.. Shocked, I just ask that you listen 
I gotta take a shot at you, your what I’m missing 
Kinda like the hoop from a distance, I aim for your heart 
Similar to the makeshift nets replaced as chains at the park 
Haha I’m still here for you, I stayed from the start 
Ill be here till the end, without chapters skipped 
Plus there’s a lot more to be written after this 
I’m passionate, with how I feel 
You’re heart was broken, but its bout to heal 
But don’t get it twisted.. 
I doubt I can get it to its previous shape 
Ill try to glue back the pieces that breaked 
But trust it won’t break me again, you wont see a mistake 
Come from me, seeing you hurt, causes me pain 
I wanna give you the world, that offer won’t change 
Every body of water, every fragment of land 
plus the moon and the stars, I have it all planned 
I can always count on you, like a number sign with integers 
Money, friends, fame, I got it all, I’m just missing her 
Date the top right margin, the 1st of the forever 
On the bottom print my name, and add my signature 
Ima conclude this rappers statement, of fascination 
And trust I used Love Comma as my salutation 
Please reply As soon as possible, I lack the patience. 

Christian Alexander Bonoan 

I’m tryna give your heart a home, reject the imitations 
Hope to see you soon, and you accept my invitation. 

Wrote this back in 2010……What do you all think? 

XXL Web Candy Proposal: Sapiosexualilty

To Whom It May Concern Dear Self:

I’ve spent the last two days revamping the Eye Candy/Web Candy section for XXL Magazine, which primarily showcases video vixens and models. Many would say that job is ideal; spending hours upon hours interacting and networking with women blessed with bodacious body measurements, and reviewing submitted pictures that sometimes include nudes.

This past week has been quite entertaining, from developing the twitter page from scratch to pitching my own proposals to my colleagues for the first time. I’m excited… this is the most responsibility I’ve been given so far by XXL, and for once I can actually say that my opinion is actually accounted for.

Today on the XXLWebCandy twitter account, I followed over 700 video vixens and models. In the past 24 hours alone, I’ve examined over 1000 photo portfolios. My viewing pleasure has validated my vision for this section as a whole.

The 40 plus inch assess do attract me at first, but what intrigues me more is what else these women have achieved, or plan to. Many of these models, are college graduates and only pose part-time. “Author” is a common accolade written on these resumes.

It’s human nature for men to automatically associate the opposite gender as objects for sex. In my opinion, every male wants that girl that they could watch the ball game with, the girl who could recite Jay-Z lyrics in verbatim, who could kick it with the homies effortlessly, who’s intelligent and sharp as fuck, and has ambition and a drive for money that is both motivational and inspirational. Unfortunately we live in a society where sapiosexuality is labeled as soft.

These video vixens, along with every other female, contain these characteristics. I plan to acknowledge and analyze these females differently, compared to the prior, outdated, and cliché hip-hop culture journalistic approach. Why are we focusing on the same sex questions and relationship questions? Everyone interview I read online sounds the same to me.

I plan to focus on the intricate ideology these women possess, mainly focusing on the similar passion shared for the hip-hop culture. Our music is now considered mainstream. I intend on interviewing die-hard female fans that stereotypically wouldn’t fit the norm of an expected enthusiast included in the demographic of hip-hop culture due to ignorant and residual racism and class discrimination.

In exploring the personalities of these celebrities and social media sensations, fellow females, who wrongfully tend to feel lesser than these women, can realize that they too possess these same dope personality facets, therefore hopefully remedying their insecurities.

I will change the game, gratifying the editors that have entrusted me with such a responsibility. I am thankful to be working with individuals who share my ideology, as well as the will, and drive to create our own lane.

With my words, I plan on making the once shallow, Web Candy/Eye Candy section, a deep, digestible source of food for thought.

 —Christian Bonoan (@chrisakachise) (@xxlwebcandy

Follow one of my new projects. @XXLWEBCANDY . 

If you have any friends who would like to be featured on http://www.xxlmag.com/eye-candy/ , tell them to send over a resume and pictures to xxlwebcandy@harris-pub.com. 

ALSO!!! If you know any tumblr models who you think is XXL WEB CANDY worth, send them over to me at xxl.bonoan@gmail.com or tell them to email over their resume and pictures to xxlwebcandy@harris-pub.com

Follow one of my new projects. @XXLWEBCANDY . 

If you have any friends who would like to be featured on http://www.xxlmag.com/eye-candy/ , tell them to send over a resume and pictures to xxlwebcandy@harris-pub.com. 

ALSO!!! If you know any tumblr models who you think is XXL WEB CANDY worth, send them over to me at xxl.bonoan@gmail.com or tell them to email over their resume and pictures to xxlwebcandy@harris-pub.com


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Im helping out one of the new editors revamp XXL’s Eye Candy Section… Check out the first post of the new era…. Can’t go wrong with a job that focuses on bad women…..lol 

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Due to my employment with magazines and shit, I might be watching the Weeknd, J. Cole, Fabolous, and Wale in separate concerts at the end of this month, and since I fuck with everyone’s support so far for this blog…. I might have a tumblr contest for who I decide to bring with me  as my “+1” to each concert… So stay tuned!!!! 

Ayo. We’ve all been grindin and enjoying our spring break, but trust.. We didn’t forget about yall! 

CHiSE -“The Struggle”

I wrote and recorded this song last November, during one of the lowest points of my life. I had gone completely broke, and my family’s home was on the brink of foreclosure.   Around the same time, I had a meeting with an A&R, who pretty much told me I didn’t have the intangible image traits to make it in the music industry. I always intended on writing an additional verse to this, but I quit rapping for a bit and never got back to it. 

Fast forward four months later, and a lot has changed. I’ve returned from a mini retirement from rapping, as well as began my career as a freelance journalist. Last but not least, I started this blog. Thank y’all for the support, it means the world. 

NOTERIZED by: Christian Bonoan.  

Melo with the Game winning 3 with 8.2 seconds left.

Melo with the Game winning 3 with 8.2 seconds left.


NOTE-ORIETY™: “What do you want to be, when you grow up?”


I’ve always had trouble answering, “What do you want to be, when you grow up?” Ironically, I’ve been asked that simple question for twenty years now, and never actually sincerely answered it.

Think of all the different people that have inquired about your desired future occupation. It’s…

Drake explains his relationship with Rihanna..

This is the funniest trailer i’ve seen in a while! LMAO. Ted is the first live action movie made by the creators of Family Guy. Almost forgot to mention, Mila Kunis also stars in it……

Matt Barnes get’s MIXXXED by Deron Williams